Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb. 9 - Red Rocks at Utah State

I covered the women's gymnastification event with Ty on Feb. 9. It was unlike most of the other meets for me because I wrote the story and took photos at the same time. It was quite scary and it's not exactly my beat or anything, so basically I followed the writers from other newspapers around after the meet and leeched answers to the questions they asked. I spent much less time moving around for different angles on the photos, but interestingly left with shots that seemed different than most of my other gymnastics shots.

Also, I decided to show off the 8.5 fps of the 1D Mark II:

I basically held the button and let the magic happen. Actually, the "magic" happened in Photoshop. Since that shot is actually 8 different shots, I guess that means it all happened in less than one second. These were my other favorite from the night: