Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Feb. 25 - Rail Jam

The rail jam people came to campus again. Among the crowd were probably 5 Chrony photographers roaming and taking photos. I decided to take it somewhat easy this year, rather than moving all over the place and getting up in the grill like I did last year.

I took some standard shots but decided I should try for something different. I tried some slow shutter speeds which turned out nicely due to the trees in the background:

Okay, I got carried away.

Erik climbed a tree. I tried to use my wide angle to make it look a gazillion feet tall.

Ty wore a bonnet.


Fly on the Wall said...

Finally the Mahler is back. And Ty. I thought you guys were dead!

Fly on the Wall said...

COD 5.

Der Mahler said...

I think Ty is dead. said...

I like it when you get carried away Lenny.