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I've had it with this mother@$*&*#' moose in my mother@*%#&@' yard.

I waited about 2 hours for animal control to show up, meanwhile the moose ran into some dark bushes. For the time being, I decided to blog about it inside (where I won't get any holes stomped in my forehead).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Painting with light

It's a sad time in the summer, the Chrony stories coming too few and far between. Though it's also a happy time, for that same reason, because I have more chances to mess around and take photos like this.

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A random unpublished photo

This one day I was talking to Ty, I says, "Hey Ty, how's it going?" You know what he says to me? He says, "TAKE A HIKE, LENNIE." So I says, "Maybe I will." That's what I says.

Note: Some of the statements in this post may have been entirely made up.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 6 - False alarm at OSH

On my way to class yesterday, I had one of those moments where I just happened to be nearby when something newsworthy happened (newsworthy for a campus paper, at least). Students were evacuating OSH because of a fire alarm.

The SLC Fire Dept. arrived and Capt. Marty Peterson stepped out of the truck. Am I the only one who sees this as a video set to some bad-ass guitar riff?

I spoke with Capt. Peterson, who informed me it was a false alarm. We walked around the building looking for the pull station that had been set off. He said it was most likely a student who wanted to give everyone a break from class. "We usually get these during test weeks," he said.

This was my favorite shot. Capt. Peterson signaled a class that it was safe to enter the building, but the instructor continued to teach class outdoors. The weather was nice yesterday.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Safety Cow says...

First to guess the location of safety cow gets a gold star!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Starting to get the hang of this video editing thing

I did a couple more videos this week and I think this is one of my better videos so far:

The sound isn't great because my microphone is junk, but this should be remedied by next week.

Monday, March 30, 2009

On the road

I shot this out the window of my car a week or so ago during the break. I mainly just liked the cloud formation but would sell out immediately if FedEx ever wanted to buy it.

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March 7 - Northwest Navy Competition

The NROTC units from the University of Idaho and Washington State defeated units from Oregon State, Washington and Utah in the Northwest Navy Competition on Saturday, March 7, at the University of Utah campus. Chrony writer Kassidy Mather shot the video and I put it together in iMovie.

March 6 - Red Rocks vs. Arizona State

I did a bunch of work with video this weekend. This right here is my very first video. It's of the gymnastics meet against Arizona State. I recorded the clips with the 5D Mark II. Nate Sorensen read the narrative and we both edited everything together on a confusing version of iMovie.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Perfect Orange

A couple of days ago I peeled the perfect orange. It is truly a thing of beauty.

These photos were taken the day I peeled it; today it is shriveled and ugly because nothing good in this world lasts.

Feb. 28 - Utah 50, BYU 63

Last Saturday I shot the rivalry basketball game down in Provo. Covering the Utes in previous years I have gained some experience shooting post-game disappointment. The way the Utes had been playing this year, however, I thought I might get to shoot celebration for a change. After BYU shut down the Utah offense in the second half, that's not what happened.

I'm not sure if Tavernari was having a friendly chat here or taunting Nevill in the second half.

Near the end of the game, this failed and forced offensive play was pretty much the KO punch for the Utes.

I saw the Tribune ran with a shot similar to the above photo (Rick's moment was better than mine). One thing I liked about this shot though is how the the white basketball standard in the top-left corner makes it feel like the ball is jumping out of the photograph. I think it adds to the overall effect of the image, but some might just find it distracting. Let me know what you think.

Another thing I have been noticing is that despite the 5D Mk II's great high-ISO noise performance, everything I take with it seems a bit soft in comparison the 1D Mk II. The Cummard shot below, albeit grainy, seems to have such a greater level of detail than the shot above taken with the 5D.

My Backyard

Often I will look out the window and see flocks of birds landing on the power lines in my backyard with the mountains in the background. I always think to myself, "I want to photograph that." So I did.

Next on my list is the squirrel that carries acorns across the line.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GO! Party

Despite being a student journalist, I took photos for the GO! Party for the 2009 ASUU Elections. I know it could be perceived as a conflict of interest, but I haven't covered any ASUU election-related stories in the last year and figured I wouldn't this year either. Plus, it's impossible to not know at least a few people in each ASUU political party.

We took a lot of the standard mugs for candidate posters, but with the Pres. and VP candidates also tried some different personality portraits.

My favorite shot never made it onto their posters or web site:

Feb. 25 - Rail Jam

The rail jam people came to campus again. Among the crowd were probably 5 Chrony photographers roaming and taking photos. I decided to take it somewhat easy this year, rather than moving all over the place and getting up in the grill like I did last year.

I took some standard shots but decided I should try for something different. I tried some slow shutter speeds which turned out nicely due to the trees in the background:

Okay, I got carried away.

Erik climbed a tree. I tried to use my wide angle to make it look a gazillion feet tall.

Ty wore a bonnet.

Feb. 21 - Campus longboarders

I went Friday night with a Chrony writer, Kassidy, to take night photos of longboarders on campus. With no flash, this sounded like a job for the 5D Mark II.

These guys use boards on wheels to battle the pavement and laugh in the face of gravity.

Scars from previous rides. When fighting the pavement, sometimes the pavement wins.

One of the most popular routes starts on the upper levels of a parking garage near the medical center.

Boarders pick up speed for the route by riding down from the upper level.

The route crosses the Legacy Bridge, which can be difficult due to the fact that it's narrow.

Riders travel through the tunnel at South Campus Drive and University Avenue to end the route at the Stadium parking lot.