Wednesday, February 25, 2009

GO! Party

Despite being a student journalist, I took photos for the GO! Party for the 2009 ASUU Elections. I know it could be perceived as a conflict of interest, but I haven't covered any ASUU election-related stories in the last year and figured I wouldn't this year either. Plus, it's impossible to not know at least a few people in each ASUU political party.

We took a lot of the standard mugs for candidate posters, but with the Pres. and VP candidates also tried some different personality portraits.

My favorite shot never made it onto their posters or web site:

Feb. 25 - Rail Jam

The rail jam people came to campus again. Among the crowd were probably 5 Chrony photographers roaming and taking photos. I decided to take it somewhat easy this year, rather than moving all over the place and getting up in the grill like I did last year.

I took some standard shots but decided I should try for something different. I tried some slow shutter speeds which turned out nicely due to the trees in the background:

Okay, I got carried away.

Erik climbed a tree. I tried to use my wide angle to make it look a gazillion feet tall.

Ty wore a bonnet.

Feb. 21 - Campus longboarders

I went Friday night with a Chrony writer, Kassidy, to take night photos of longboarders on campus. With no flash, this sounded like a job for the 5D Mark II.

These guys use boards on wheels to battle the pavement and laugh in the face of gravity.

Scars from previous rides. When fighting the pavement, sometimes the pavement wins.

One of the most popular routes starts on the upper levels of a parking garage near the medical center.

Boarders pick up speed for the route by riding down from the upper level.

The route crosses the Legacy Bridge, which can be difficult due to the fact that it's narrow.

Riders travel through the tunnel at South Campus Drive and University Avenue to end the route at the Stadium parking lot.

Feb. 9 - Red Rocks at Utah State

I covered the women's gymnastification event with Ty on Feb. 9. It was unlike most of the other meets for me because I wrote the story and took photos at the same time. It was quite scary and it's not exactly my beat or anything, so basically I followed the writers from other newspapers around after the meet and leeched answers to the questions they asked. I spent much less time moving around for different angles on the photos, but interestingly left with shots that seemed different than most of my other gymnastics shots.

Also, I decided to show off the 8.5 fps of the 1D Mark II:

I basically held the button and let the magic happen. Actually, the "magic" happened in Photoshop. Since that shot is actually 8 different shots, I guess that means it all happened in less than one second. These were my other favorite from the night:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb. 4 - Press Conference

I ducked out of class to take photos at a press conference concerning new football recruits. Jim Fisher allowed me to leave class early as long as I photographed something other than a speaker. This is what I left with.

My promise to Jim ended up being a lie when I took speaker shots anyway for safety, as any photog should.