Tuesday, October 2, 2007

If five people comment on this post, I will start blogging again.

You heard it here first.


Colin Roe said...

it might not be worth it

Fly on the Wall said...

how many would it take for you to stop?


the.kim.peterson said...

why are you so needy?
And how come Trent never comments on my blog? Questions, questions. (just kidding, except for the questions, questions part. I can't really kid about that. )

Jarad 31 said...

Don't do it!! it's not worth it anymore!!!!!!!

and Kim, I don't think that Trent even knows who i am so don't feel bad!!!

Ty Cobb said...

I guess I make 5 kinda depending on how you count those other ones. I would not count Jarad, that would give him to much credit that he does not deserve.

Chris said...

6. w00t.