Saturday, March 3, 2007

Saturday Night Slaughter

Apparently, this is a large image.

Saturday afternoon I met with Tyler and Cody at the Chronicle to drive to The Marriott Center in Provo and cover the BYU vs. Utah rivalry game. The Utes won the tip-off and got off to a quick 6-2 lead that would disapper even faster. The Utes' early adrenaline vanished by the half and their faces displayed only lost hope throughout the second. Unfortunately, the face for lost hope happens to be exactly the same as the face for waiting in line at the DMV. Meanwhile, at the other end of the court, Cougar excitement was building as players watched the clock count down the minutes until they were inevitably awarded the MWC trophy and the Utes walked away with their tails between their legs. It was really difficult to keep myself from walking over to the other end of the court and taking the better photos that will undoubtedly line the front pages of state dailies tomorrow morning. But when the Jazz travel to the big games out of state and lose, those papers don't recap the game by running the other teams' celebrations either. Ute fans and students who read The Chronicle don't want to dwell in the fact that their team lost. All this left me wondering: is it more important to report equally on an event like a state-wide paper would when covering two Utah teams, or to cover the part of the story that applies to our audience? Tonight I tried to place myself somewhere in-between and as a result missed a lot of good moments.

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